Wednesday, 16 October 2013


After months of planning, browsing different hotels and reading Trip Advisor reviews, me and my best friend have finally got round to booking a week in Vegas next July! 

It's my final year of uni this year, and therefore my final year of having a student loan. So, I figured it's probably gonna be a pretty long time until I have this much money to spare again. So, what better way to celebrate the end of my time in education than with a week in Las Vegas before I have to rejoin the real world and get a real job! 

It's probably an awful idea for the two of us to be let loose on Vegas unsupervised, but I'm so excited! I have no idea how to gamble, so I'll probably end up pouring a stupid amount of money in to the slot machines. Our hotel apparently has the best pool area on the strip, so hopefully I'll get myself some kind of tan. I'm really excited to go and see the Fremont Street light show. Plus, the 15 year old Panic! At The Disco obsessive fan in me is dying to get a photo at the 'corner of 4th and Fremont Street.' (Who am I kidding, I'm still an obsessive Panic! At The Disco fan...)

How nice does our hotel look though, oh my god!!!

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